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1. ______________ are containers that administrators use to manage apps, workflows, connections, and other assets; along with permissions to allow organization users to use the resources.

____________ policies help protect organizational data from unintended exposure in Power Automate.


Is State machine workflow available out of the box in Power Automate?

4. Can a variable be initialized inside a scope in Power Automate?
5. Which of these could be used to create a custom connector in Power Automate? (Multiple choice)
6. Which two property should be configured to run a Do Until loop in Power Automate? (Multiple choice)
7. Which of these are valid Power Automate licenses? (Multiple Choice)
8. Which of these setting can be used to manage error handling in Power Automate?
9. Can AI Builder (Preview) trained models be used in Power Automate without having access to Common Data Service (CDS)?
10. Which trigger can be used to invoke Power Automate Flow from JavaScript?

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